EXPOSED! VINCENT GALLO & attorney Joseph P. Costa & others guilty of malicious prosecution against Hikari Takano


Vincent Gallo & his corrupt attorney Joseph P. Costa of Costa, Besser, Childress filed a frivolous malicious lawsuit against journalist Hikari Takano on May 2, 2016, for publishing Gallo's 2003 interview audio for 'Free & Easy' magazine. 13 years after the interview & 6 years after the posting on Takano's website
Takano & First Amendment attorney Jeff Lewis responded with an anti-SLAPP motion. Judge William F. Fahey heard the instant Special Motion to Strike at Los Angeles Superior Court on August 11, 2016. Judge Fahey granted the anti-SLAPP motion & the plaintiff, Gallo, was ordered pay defendant, Takano's, attorney fees. However, Gallo & Costa filed a notice of appeal with the court, & the case was not finalized until March, 2017 when Gallo gave up the appeal.
This documentary & interview with Jeff Lewis created by Hikari Takano proves the baseless & malicious nature (intentional infliction of emotional distress) of the lawsuit filed by Gallo, & the abuse of process, negligent misrepresentation, defamation, fraud & perjury committed by Gallo's witnesses, & his team of attorneys from Costa, Besser, Childress & ARTech Law.

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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

- Jeff Lewis Introduction
- 2:00 Why the December 7, 2003 interview had to be recorded on the street on Hollywood Boulevard
- 3:40 Catherine Doran lies under oath (ultimately, her testimony was thrown out of the case for lacking credibility)
- 6:09 Sample of the obvious clarity of Vincent Gallo Interview Part 1 ("The alleged secret recording") recorded on Hollywood & Vine (Dec. 7, 2003)
- 7:15 Same mic same recorder
- 8:21 No agreements, no limitations + why the interview was in two parts
- 10:59 Gallo announces retirement from show business
- 12:04 Gallo sold signed copies of 'Free & Easy' magazines (Vol.7 No.64) on his website for $105 each
- 13:34 Gallo & attorney Joseph P. Costa's false timeline. WHOIS record of &
- 14:40 Audio goes viral after posting on April 16, 2010
- 15:07 Gallo's numerous email threats & harassments
- 16:13 Takano serves JustHost with DMCA document
- 17:04 Never agreed to take down audio. Never even responded to or communicated with Gallo since 2004
- 17:17 Gallo shows up at Takano's house unannounced & follows him on the freeway on August 18, 2011
- 20:07 Gallo's attorney Virginie L. Parant of ARTech Law emails C&D letter to Takano on Jan. 28, 2016. Gallo & Parant claimed that they discovered the Gallo audio was 'back' on YouTube on Thanksgiving 2015. (Takano's Gallo Interview has never been uploaded by Takano until TODAY April 20, 2018)
- 20:36 Takano responds to ARTech Law's litigation threat. Takano warns ARTech Law that he will will countersue Gallo & all responsible parties if they filed a time-barred frivolous lawsuit
- 20:51 Gallo & Joseph P. Costa of Costa, Besser, Childress files a lawsuit against Takano at Los Angeles Superior Court. Gallo & Costa alleged (1) Violation of Right of Privacy (Publication of Private Facts), (2) Violation of Common Law Right of Publicity, (3) Violation of Cal. Civ. Code 3344, (4) Violation of California Penal Code 637.2
- 22:07 First Amendment & the Statute of Limitation
- 23:26 What rights do I have?
- 24:20 First Amendment & anti-SLAPP motion
- 25:00 SLAPP - Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation
- 27:14 EFF - Electronic Frontier Foundation
- 29:42 Jeff Lewis agrees to defend Takano against Gallo & Costa, Besser, Childress' frivolous lawsuit
- 32:21 Takano's powerful website statistics that dates back from 2011 to present
- 34:12 Every website has AWStats including Gallo's website & Costa's law firm
- 36:18 Judge Fahey grants anti-SLAPP motion for defendant Takano
- 36:55 Excerpt from Costa's behavior at the Fee Hearing (Court Transcript) after taking a thorough beating from Jeff Lewis at the anti-SLAPP motion hearing
- 40:49 Highlights from the landslide victory at the anti-SLAPP hearing on July 11, 2016
- 42:11 Costa's INCOMPETENCE
- 42:34 Costa in desperation complains to Judge Fahey that Takano moved his .com to a Colombian website to elude Gallo (DUH!)
- 43:53 Judge Fahey tells Costa that Takano is a journalist doing his job, & he definitely did not commit any crime
- 45:33 Why is Gallo's voice so crystal clear on Hollywood Blvd. if he was not speaking to a microphone?
- 47:00 Costa's colleague Darius Anthony Vosylius's brilliant contribution (Vosylius' declaration was thrown out for lacking credibility)
- 47:16 Judge Fahey warns Costa to not cite Wikipedia as a source in his courtroom
- 49:02 Gallo & Costa's Hidden Microphone Theory
- 56:14 Frivolous lawsuit
- 57:50 Gallo & Costa abandon their appeal
- 59:55 Air-tight defence
- 1:00:31 Plaintiff can't amend their complaint once the Defendant files the anti-SLAPP motion
- 1:00:17 Gallo proclaims that he's a comedian like Howard Stern, Sasha Baron-Cohen, Chris Rock & Andrew Dice Clay
- 1:02:17 Costa threatens Jeff Lewis via phone
- 1:03:30 Lewis never doubted Takano or the law
- 1:05:15 "The law is on your side if you haven't done anything wrong" - Jeff Lewis
- 1:07:03 "A lawyer has a duty to counsel a client if the case is a dog" - Jeff Lewis
- 1:07:30 "Even laypeople know that you can't wait 13 years to file a lawsuit. Reporters & journalists have the right to report the news. I don't know why this case was ever filed" - Jeff Lewis
- 1:07:54 Wouldn't an honest attorney advise his client to abandon the lawsuit before wasting more money?
- 1:08:52 "You either have the facts or the law on your side. If you don't have either then what are you doing?" - Jeff Lewis
- 1:10:40 Equitable estoppel rejected by Judge Fahey
- 1:12:00 "If I was Gallo's attorney I certainly can't imagine filing a lawsuit. There were a lot red flags in Gallo's story" - Jeff Lewis
- 1:13:04 Hulk Hogan v Gawker
- 1:14:37 After being defeated Costa said, "Gallo's complaint was dismissed because he effectively was not litigious"
- 1:16:10 STAY TUNED

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