James Remar Interview Part 1
- Neighborhood Playhouse
- Longevity & Acting for Life
- Digging Ditches & Odd Jobs
- Odd jobs after 'Cotton Club'
- "Walter Hill gave me my career"
- "Were you a trouble maker at the Playhouse?"
- 'The Warriors' & 'The Cotton Club'
- Playing 'Dutchman Schultz'
- Coppola's new cut of 'The Cotton Club'
- "I thought I was going get nominated for Best Supporting Actor"
- Did the Neighborhood Playhouse prepare you for the real world?
- Acting school vs Real Work Experience
- "Disappointment in acting school is a microcosm of show business"
- Do you mind being asked to play villains over and over?
- "The villain typically drives the action"
- "I take all my parts very personally"

James Remar Interview Part 2
- Working with Quentin, Leo, & Christoph in 'Django Unchained'
- Actors dropping out of 'Django'
- Playing two parts in 'Django Unchained'
- The Opening Sequence
- Another '80's Villain
- What was different about Quentin from the other great directors?
- "I'm the only actor to die twice in Quentin's movie"
- Reading for Quentin's earlier films
- 'Reservoir Dogs'
- "I'm not as desperate now. And I'm just beat up"
- Jack Palance & Martin Landau
- Drug problems & getting fired from 'Aliens'
- 'Uncommon Valor'
- Patrick Swayze & Michael Biehn

James Remar Interview Part 3
- Stardom vs Acting
- "Not good work, great work!"
- Playing James Gordon's uncle in 'Gotham'
- Philosophy for taking jobs
- Cameo parts in Blockbusters
- Honorable day's work on 'Lap Dance'
- "I'm a jobbing actor"
- "I don't get the luxury of spending time to train for a movie"
- Christoph Waltz' injury on 'Django Unchained'
- Roles that got away
- "Sometimes it's tempting to say 'I don't want to do this anymore"
- "You're an easy guy to talk to"
- "Acting is not lying. You have to be very honest to be a good actor"
- Method Acting
- "It's a long, long, long haul. And in many ways its been a struggle"

James Remar BONUS - "Make Your Bed!"


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